Services and Rates: Seniors

Fitness & Functional Mobility -- $65 per session; $200 for 4-pack

  • Activity tolerance assessment

  • Guided exercises tailored towards stability in every-day movement

  • Light weights, gentle flexibility, yoga-informed movements

  • Patient and compassionate, one-on-one coaching experience 

  • Must reside within 25 miles of Fort Collins, CO

FAQs about Elder Fitness

Am I too old to exercise?

            No! Exercise has been shown to benefit everyone, including octogenarians and beyond! As we age, our bodies lose muscle more readily. Regular activity can help rebuild muscle mass, as well as improve balance and flexibility. It can also offset the effects of osteoporosis, and reduce your risk bone and joint injury. All of these factors can help you stay confident and independent for years to come.

I haven’t exercised in many years. Where do we start?

            Not to worry! We will start with some basic tests to determine your current activity tolerance. From there, we will develop an exercise program tailored to your ability, and informed by your goals. We will gently explore strength, flexibility, and balance exercises, guided by biometric indicators such as heart-rate and blood pressure so that you are never uncomfortable or unsafe.  

I have medical conditions. Can you work with me?

            Rachel, your Fitness Coach, is a Registered Nurse with experience caring for older adults in both skilled rehab and hospital in-patient settings. Your first interaction will include a discussion of your medical history and medications you are currently taking. We will also address any exercise restrictions, physical therapy participation, and doctor’s recommendations at this time. If there is a question of safety, Rachel will recommend medical clearance before beginning a training program. To ensure your safety, Rachel will use heart-rate, blood pressure, and/or oxygen-saturation monitoring throughout your session. Clients with diabetes are always encouraged to check their sugars before and after exercise.

Do I need a doctor’s clearance to begin working with you?

            Routine check-ups are just as important as exercise for maintaining good health! Although a doctor’s clearance is not required to receive coaching services, we will decline to provide service if we are unable to guarantee your safety. Please prepare for your first meeting with an updated medical history, list of medications you are taking, and any current doctor’s recommendations or restrictions. Current and past physical therapy assignments are also helpful.

I don’t play sports anymore. Why do I need to keep exercising?

            Slips, trips, and falls are among the top reasons for hospital admission of older adults. Regular exercise is the key to keeping you strong, balanced, and up off the floor. If you do fall, strength and flexibility are directly related to fewer and less severe injuries. If that’s not reason enough, exercise correlates with improved mood and mental function.

I don’t drive. Can you come to me?

Of course! Part of our business model is bringing the exercise to you! We want to make our services as accessible as possible!

My residence provides exercise classes. How is this different?

We encourage you to take advantage of any fitness activities your facility offers! As your personal Wellness Coach, we coordinate our sessions to complement your schedule. Even older adults are encouraged to exercise 3-5 times a week, at least! Unlike group classes, with Endorphin Training you can expect sessions focused entirely on you. We prioritize your goals and preferences, because personal enjoyment is the number-one factor for long-term commitment to an exercise program. Not only do we look forward to developing a unique relationship with each of our clients, we love being able to adapt your training program to your changing exercise needs.  


What are your qualifications?

Rachel, the Endorphin Training coach, is a BSN educated Registered Nurse with experience in skilled nursing rehab, medical/oncology, and operating room nursing. She is also a certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Group Exercise Instructor (AFAA), and 200-hr Yoga Teacher.